Our mission

The First Nations Gazette publishes First Nation legislation and provides public notification service for First Nations, other governments, corporations and other persons respecting Aboriginal matters. The First Nations Gazette is provided at no cost and includes First Nation laws enacted under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, by-laws enacted under Section 83 of the Indian Act, and other First Nation enactments that a First Nation chooses to publish.


Latest Documents

Part I

Proposed Akisqnuk First Nation Annual Expenditure Law, 2023 - 2023-06-07

Akisq'nuk First Nation (Columbia Lake) - New document published on 2023-06-07

Part II

Yakweakwioose First Nation Annual Expenditure Law, 2023 - 2023-06-01

First Nations Fiscal Management Act - Yakweakwioose - New document published on 2023-06-05

Digital Annual Gazettes

First Nations Gazette Volume 26 (F.N. Gaz. 2021.26.) - 2022-02-15

Document updated on 2022-04-14